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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  March 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news two police officers shot in front of the ferguson missouri police department. we're learning new information about a protest overnight that ended. and here at home, avoiding catastrophe. the vote today aimed at raising the bar on safety for oil trains that go through this region. plus another sunny day ahead but wet changes ahead for the weekend. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. we made it to 72 today. not quite as warm today but
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we'll take it. brittney? >> we'll see plenty of sunshine. it will still be a nice afternoon. this is closer to afternoon. yesterday was a treat with a high of 61. today closer to 50. there's a live look at cape may. plenty of sunshine today. no fog to deal with today so it should be a smooth ride to work. wind speeds at 15 miles per hour. we'll see gusty winds at least through 10:00 in the morning and then start to see the wind speeds subside into the afternoon. 42 degrees in allentown. 34 in mt. pocono. 43 in trenton. dover in the low 40s. 43 in wildwood. plenty of sunshine in store for us today. here's a look at your hourly breakdown. by 9:00 a.m. still in the low 40s. sunny by 4:00 p.m. 50 and mild. our high at 50. but i am tracking changes as we end your workweek and head into the weekend. heavy rainfall in store for us.
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i'll let you know when to plan around it coming up in my full forecast. for now we check in with traffic reporter christine maddella. >> so far problem free. as we look throughout our area take a look here. a live look at interstate 495 in delaware at nayman's road. not a lot of volume. that's what we luke to see at this hour. a lot of green on our drive times here. this is interstate 95 also in delaware. you can see your drive times from 295 and 495. 11 minutes, 10 minutes in the other direction. you're not going to see any slowdowns out there. same thing goes on interstate 76 from the blue route to 1. sometimes it gets a little clogged but right now it's a good time to head out. from the turnpike to 676, that's going to take you about 21 minutes. and throughout our area even in the lehigh valley things are in
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the clear. chris? chaos in ferguson. we continue to follow that breaking news this morning where two police officers are in the hospital now after they were shot outside the police department in ferguson. nbc 10's vai sikahema has the latest information on this developing story. vai? >> yis,chris, we're just learning the circumstances surrounding this shooting. authorities say the shots rang out about midnight last night as a group of protesters werer gaed ed gathered outside the police department. the st. louis county police chief says one officer was shot in the face the other shot in the shoulder. he says the evidence seems to show the officers were targeted. >> these were shots that were parallel to the ground. not up in the air. they weren't skip shots. and i would have to make an assumption that these shots were directed exactly at my police officers. >> now you can see many colleagues are now gathered outside the hospital where those
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injured officers were taken. we're told one officer is 32 years old. his partner is 41 years old. both are conscious. but police chief says their injuries are serious. now, last night's protests at the police department followed the resignation of chief thomas jackson. he redesigned yesterday after a scathing justice department report. that report was prompted by last summer's shooting when an unarmed african-american teenager was killed by a police -- white police officer. now, police are trying to figure out who exactly fired those shots that injured those officers. and we'll hear again from the police chief at 5:00. live in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema nbc 10. new from overnight, crews are working to fix a water main break in montgomery county. a six-inch main broke at cannon avenue and mill street affecting just one vacant home. police have blocked off cannon while crews complete the repairs. also from overnight, crews battled a fire at a restaurant in north philadelphia. it started after midnight inside china taste at broad and erie.
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police had to close a portion of broad. it damaged some apartments above the restaurant but no one was hurt. happening today, philadelphia city council will discuss oil train safety. some say they are a disaster waiting to happen. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in university city where the accident took place. matt, what's the level of concern that a more serious accident could happen? >> reporter: well trains coming in and out of philadelphia every day, and some of them are carrying crude oil. and a lot of those tanker cars are of an older model that environmental and safety groups want replaced. city council today is expected to vote on a measure that would urge congress and the u.s. department of transportation to issue specifications for tank car design and really try to get philadelphia rail companies to bring those crude oil tank cars up to safer standards. now, the concern is based on the current model of tanker widely in use that some say is too dangerous and prone to puncturing. councilman kenyatta johnson is pointing to the incident last month that involved cars with
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higher standards. well the department of transportation last year did propose a phaseout or retrofitting of the older tankers. we of course have had a couple derailments within the past 15 months. the most recent happened in late january in south philadelphia and in january of 2014 tanker cars were left teetering over the schuylkill river. no leaks in either case but local groups say that you should be worried. i'm working on that part of the story. for now live in university city matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 4:36. a judge will sentence a former day-care owner for the drowning death of a boy in her care. edwards pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and other charges. in june 2012 a 7-year-old boy drowned in a pool at edwards' mom's house. prosecutors say that happened after edwards dropped off 20 children and then left. edwards could face 22 years in prison. 4:36. happening today, the trial of a man accused of killing a teenager while driving drunk
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resumes in atlantic county. prosecutors say the driver william leapy, had a blood-alcohol level nearly triple the legal limit when his suv slammed into a car. 9-year-old ryan shyler was killed in that accident. and ryan's best friend 15-year-old m.j. guzman was left partially paralyzed. leapy's lawyer claims he was not speeding before the crash and his blood sample may have been tainted. we're following the latest moves by the eagles and that's not easy. there's been a lot of moves over the past few days. comcast sportsnet is now reporting that the league's leading rusher last season demarco murray, yes, he of the cowboys, will visit philadelphia today. murray led the nfl in rushing in 2014 while setting a single-season record for the cowboys. football analysts say his visit here is either a serious move away from dallas or just a ploy to get the cowboys to sweeten their salary offer. now, here's something to note. murray's college roommate at oklahoma just happened to be new
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eagles quarterback sam bradford. and during his introduction to philadelphia media yesterday, bradford said he is trying to convince murray to come here. so we shall keep watching. >> wow! >> as the world turns. the eagles just signed running back ryan mathews yesterday. so you would wonder how much room they have left to sign murray. >> we'll see. we'll see what happens. spreading the wealth. >> next how revenue from one local casino could benefit the community in a new way. plus septa says your ride to work is getting safer. the change they're doing to lower crime. not quite as warm as yesterday, but i'm tracking weekend rain. that's all in your seven-day forecast coming up after the break.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning on this thursday. our temperatures today about ten degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. but plenty of sunshine.
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i am tracking rain as we head into your friday night and into the weekend. but we also stay mild with our temperatures staying pretty close to our average for this time of year which is 50 degrees. or 51, i should say. 34 in mt. pocono right now. 42 in allentown. temperatures in pottstown at 43. we're at 38 in reading. 41 in atlantic city. 43 in wildwood. and our satellite/radar shot shows quiet conditions especially to the south near the shore. but if we zoom out the picture, we'll take you all the way to texas. and this is where our next system is going to develop and strengthen and head our way. we will see dry conditions throughout all of today. even a dry start on your friday. it won't be until friday night heading into all day saturday that we will be dealing with rain heavy at times. our temperatures today will range between 48 and 51 degrees. we'll see plenty of sunshine with nice conditions expected to remain. when i see you again in about ten minutes, i'll have your full
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seven-day forecast. i'll show you exactly how much rain we'll expect to get. >> all right, see you in a couple minutes. it's 4:41. let's get you updated on your ride to work. >> yeah hopefully things will be smooth for you. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter christine maddela has been watching roads. >> it has been pretty smooth and i'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way. we are not seeing any problems out there, so that is the good news. as you head out this morning, not a lot of volume out there yet. so we're not seeing any major accidents, any major delays including on 76 95 and 476. these are some of our areas that we do see some problem spots in the morning. but the entire stretch of 95 southbound, woodhaven to 676, those are all in the clear so that's the good news. tracy? >> thanks. superstorm sandy victims are getting a second look. >> next the review that could mean money for those still paying for storm damage. plus bad idea of barbie.
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that's what some parents are calling mattel's latest creation. why they claim the toys will be spying on their kids.
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happening today, hundreds of parents will learn if their kids make the cut to get into a philadelphia charter school. russell byers charter in center city will hold its admissions lottery at noon for the school year that starts in september. there are more than 1300 applications for just 23 openings. today, for the fourth time a bankruptcy judge will consider a proposed sell of atlantic city's closed revel casino. the deal on the table is the proposed $82 million sell for a florida developer, but the judge may also decide to give revel more time to consider other bids. there's even a chance the judge could scrap the whole process altogether and appoint a trustee to liquidate level. today in harrisburg a pennsylvania house committee will hold a public hearing on how to spend casino revenue in montgomery county. the lawmakers are considering
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legislation that would redistribute the county's share of revenue from the valley forge resort and casino to use it for parks and nonprofits. the money currently goes into a state account that funds grants for business and infrastructure projects around the county. happening today, we'll get an update on delaware county's economic progress during a state of the county address. the county council chairman and members of his board will speak about that later this morning in media. we're also expecting to learn about some new programs in the county and transportation human services and law. a bucks county zoning board made no decision about a proposed verizon cell phone tower at a meeting last night. they now hope to make the decision at the next meeting on april 1st. nbc 10 was there as residents met with officials to talk about the tower which is plans for the heart of humeville. the tower would bring in $21,000 a year to the william penn fire company through a lease agreement because it will go behind the fire department. so they're for it but the historical society is against it. and residents worry it would be an eyesore.
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>> where this proposed tower is going to be right in my vision when i look out my door when i look out my kitchen window i will see this little piece. >> an attorney for verizon tells us the 13-story tower is planned across from the historic district, and it would be disguised as a tree and would not be lit. in chester county a crowd turned out last night to voice their concern about a planned pipeline. this meeting followed sunoco's announcement that it will not need to build a controversial pumping station. instead the company will use existing facilities. but residents are still worried about the pipeline itself. they're worried about a possible explosion. the pipeline should be ready to transportette anne and propane from western pennsylvania to marcus hook by the end of this year. community activists say residents need to know their rights. >> residents need to understand that they do have rights under eminent domain issues. they don't have the right to do what they're doing no matter
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what they say. our mission is to make sure residents understand this. >> now, the concerned citizens coalition plans to have some upcoming sessions with lawyers. the first one will be later this month, march 30th. jeff hamilton has been granted more time to prove that he should not be charged with driving under the influence. police arrested hamilton in january. hamilton can be heard on dashcam video asking the officers to call the mayor of the township because they're friends. during a hearing on wednesday, a judge gave hamilton's lawyer 30 days to prove prescription drugs interfered with the mayor's ability to drive. police in washington state have arrested a 15-year-old in connection with that attempted kidnapping that was caught on video. you've all seen that video by now. police believe the teen snatched a 22-month-old baby from a stroller at a park on sunday. the toddler's brother and sister chased the suspects yelling for help. several teenagers joined the chase, and police say all that yelling caused the suspect to drop the child and run off.
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the toddler's dad called those teens heroes. >> i am very proud of not only the teenagers that helped us but i'm also proud of the law enforcement and everybody pulling together to resolve this situation. >> the family says the ordeal has brought them closer together. meantime, the 15-year-old suspect faces kidnapping charges. well fema is going to take a second look at some superstorm sandy victims insurance claims. the agency agreed wednesday to reopen claims filed by nearly 142,000 homeowners. this announcement follows concerns that many homeowners have been underpaid. the move will not affect some 2200 homeowners who have already filed suit and are in settlement talks with fema. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. as we head into your thursday expect plenty of sunshine. temperatures warming close to average. not quite as warm as what we saw
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yesterday. yesterday was a treat with temperatures into the low 60s. as far as today is concerned, we're going to stay in the low 50s for most of our region. but at least it will be dry. and as we head into the rest of your weekend, we are going to see rain moving in. so if we take a closer look we are seeing clear conditions, but plenty of sunshine is what you can expect as we head into the rest of today. so if we take a closer look at your headlines, plenty of sunshine today. weekend rain expected. and then we do expect to stay mild for the next seven days or so. our currents in philadelphia at 47. 34% on our humidity. 41 is the feels-like temperature. wind speeds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. 38 degrees in reading. atlantic city at 41 with clear skies. and those clear skies right now will leave way to plenty of sunshine. 43 in bluevail.
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and 44 in mount holly and 41 degrees at the atlantic city airport. it's a breezy start to the morning especially in the poconos where we're seeing wind speeds gusting up to 31. up to 20 in pottstown and 15 in philadelphia. our wind speeds will subside in our late morning hours. our satellite/radar shows quiet conditions. here's the next system. it doesn't look like much now, but it will pick up moisture and momentum as it moves closer to us on friday. we'll see a dry start. it won't be until 10:00 p.m. once it starts it continues all day on saturday. not clearing until saturday at 8:00 p.m. sunday looks to stay dry with our temperatures staying into the 50s. for today, we range between 48 and 51 degrees. sunny and nice. and your seven-day forecast shows those mild conditions stick around. watch out for the rain friday night. staying through most of your saturday. a few minutes till 5:00 a.m. now. you should have nice conditions for your trip to work this morning. >> let's find out for sure with christine maddela watching the
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roads. >> not only is it almost friday but things are in the clear. and i'm hoping it stays that way for the rest of the morning commute. out there, there's a lot of green on the pennsylvania turnpike. 76, 95. that means things are moving along quite nicely. no major delays. we haven't seen any accidents out there. there were a few construction projects but most of those cleared out of the way. taking a look at your schuylkill expressway drive times looking good between the vine street expressway and blue right. 13, 11 minutes in each direction. nothing to really slow you down out there. taking a live look at interstate 476, this is at mcdade, just not a lot of volume at this hour. and mass transit is on or close to schedule. chris? well some golfers in florida will probably let this guy play through. >> yeah. you think? >> giant gator was photographed on a course near sarasota. the pictures of course went viral. some people have questioned whether the pictures are photoshopped, but the man who took them the man who saw that gator with his own eyes says they are for real. i'll take a mulligan on that
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one, thank you. >> yeah. commuters may have to cough up more money soon to get to work. next the increases that could be coming to new jersey transit.
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five minutes before 5:00. new this morning, septa says it's making its subway safer by cracking down on turnstile sufshz surfers. they arrested ten times more than two years ago. officials say that's helping cut down on thieves that steal riders' cell phones. the youths had gotten onto the subways by not paying. and from our trend bureau the head of new jersey transit says she will try to keep possible fare hikes as low as possible. but the transit chief said an $80 million budget gap is forcing her to look at all options. the last fare hike happened five years ago. service cuts also came with it. philadelphia city officials will break down today for an
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ultra luxury tower. take a look at these artist renderings of the new structure at fifth & market. the condo tower will stand 26 stores facing independence mall. it's due to open in spring of 2017. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will lead the groundbreaking ceremony. looking for a summer destination? well, you may not have to go very far. tens of thousands of people will flock to kent county for everything from music to nascar. and local businesses they can't wait for those crowds to show up. hotels like the suites in duber are filling up way earlier than most years. why? of course, nascar is coming to the dover speedway near memorial day, and then there's the big fireflies music festival in june which includes an up-and-coming musician by the name of paul mccartney. maybe you've heard of him. >> they're staying for firefly, three or four days and that's good business for us. that's filling up our weekend business.
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>> there are also two fairs that will bring huge acts to central delaware. and there's a catch to all this good news though. the crowds expected this summer aren't necessarily gamblers. so those extra bodies may not be much help for the struggling casino industry in dover. well the wheels are turning on construction of a downtown skyscraper in allentown. allentown officials have given preliminary approval for work to begin on a 33-story tower. it still needs the final go-ahead from the zoning board. the building would be the tallest in allentown and would bring new jobs and residents to the city so builders are also putting up new apartments. >> the area is growing, and the businesses are growing, and they're coming to the area so you need that living aspect to support it. >> one new apartment building will open in july. developers say they are targeting young people with affordable rents. well this morning south jersey gas is fixing some billing mistakes that overcharged about 12,000 customers, triple their normal heating rates. it's a story we've been following since we first aired it last month. the company tells us it's in the process of working out payment
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plans for those customers. the mistakes happen they say, because meter readers couldn't get out in snowstorms or bills that were overestimated after being underestimated for several months. some people we spoke with say they're still not satisfied. >> open the bill and notice it was for $770.64. so i was shocked. totally shocked. it's a huge increase. and it's nowhere in the ballpark of our regular bill. >> if you have questions about your bill you can use the nbc 10 app or go to for a link to the south jersey gas customer caroline. toymaker mattel plans to come out with a new interactive barbie this fall. >> but one consumer group says the high-tech talking doll is a bad idea. the new hello barbie will let kids talk to her and get responses, sort of like the whole siri thing. officials at the campaign for commercial-free childhood have posted a petition demanding mattel abandon the doll.
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they say it will give mattel the ability to listen in on kids at play. the doll uses a microphone to record kids' voices then transmit them to cloud servers. mattel says the technology includes safeguards to make sure the doll's data is secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. that's a high-tech doll. >> as long as her voice doesn't sound like the voice in your car's on-board navigation system. >> you're watching nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. it starts right now. >> nbc 10 breakings you no news. >> gunfire erupted outside the ferguson, missouri police department. the latest information coming into the newsroom. right now we can tell you two st. louis county police officers were shot. we don't know their conditions yet, but we'll have a live report in just two minutes. we're also looking into the danger of oil trains that travel through philadelphia. the big step city council is
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taking -- is expected to take today to make you safer. and another warm one on tap for today as we take a live look. you can see it's a breezy one out there in center city philadelphia. enjoy the warmer weather, though, because the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking a wet start to the weekend. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the warmer temperatures with brittney shipp. >> our temperatures will stay pretty close to average. this is where we should be this time of year in the low 50s. not quite as warm as yesterday. 61 was our high yesterday. but we'll see plenty of sunshine as we head into the rest of today. so it's going to be a nice afternoon. but temperatures will again stay in the 50s. so here's a closer look at your satellite/radar shot. sunny and staying mild headed into your morning hours. but currently we're at 42 in allen allentown and wilmington. 34 in millville. 40 in atlantic city. and 43 in wildwood. as we head into the rest of today, our tem


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